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I am Earnest Ivey Evans, better known as Sheriff Evans, of the Wilcox County Sheriff's Office. I have lived in Wilcox County my entire life. By putting God first in my life, I have worked for the Sheriff's Office for over 31 years. This is a delightful opportunity for me to continue to serve the citizens of Wilcox County, as your Sheriff.

On Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 you had the opportunity to elect a Sheriff whom you believe to be qualified and you did. As the elected Sheriff, I have a mission for the department and a commitment to the citizens of Wilcox County. As a citizen and voter of Wilcox County, you deserve to have the most knowledgeable, experienced, and honest candidate with a good reputation in the position of Sheriff.

I know that as a law enforcement officer my job is to protect and serve the citizens of Wilcox County. In thirty years of my career, I have been wounded in the line of duty. I have been a teacher to our children in the Wilcox County School system, teaching them to resist drugs and violence, teaching them how to resist bullying and sexual predators over the Internet.

As your Sheriff, I will work diligently with the courts, our children, the prosecutor's office, and all law enforcement agencies in and around Wilcox county; so together, we can provide the most professional services possible to you.


Camden Academy School 1962-1974 Camden, Alabama
Received: High School Diploma
Southwest Alabama Police Academy 1979, Bay Minette, Alabama
Received: Peace Officers Standard and Training Certificate
University of Alabama - 1989, Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Received: Criminal Investigator Training and Recognition Certificate
Crime Scene Preservation and Documention, Alabama Law Enforcement Training - 1994 Evergreen, Alabama Alabama D.A.R.E. Training Center - 1993, Huntsville, Alabama Alabama Law Enforcement Training Foundation - 1997, Montgomery, Alabama Received: D.A.R.E. Officers Performance Certificate University of Alabama - 1997,Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa, Alabama Received:Gang Dynamics and Recognition Certificate
Domestic Violence Certificate, State of Alabama - 1999, Department of Forensic Sciences, Auburn, Alabama Received: Drug Identification and Collection and Preservation of Evidence Certificate United States Department of Justice - 2001, Drug Enforcement Administration, Montgomery, Alabama Received: Clandestine Drug Operation Certificate Alabama Department of Public Safety - 2001, Montgomery, Alabama Received: Safe and Legal Roadblocks (S.A.L.R.B.)
United States Department of Justice - 2001 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Alexandria, Virginia Received Protecting Children Online Certificate United States Department of Justice 2002 Office of Justice Programs Center for Domestic Preparedness, Birmingham, Alabama Received: Weapons of Mass Destruction Incident Complexities Homeland Security Certificate National D.A.R.E. Training Center - 2007 Received: D.A.R.E. Officers Performance Certificate Orlando, Florida
I. C. A. C. Investigator and Recognition Certificate A. B. I. Task Force - 2008 Internet Crime Against Children, State Of Alabama 2008, Montgomery, Alabama Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center 2008 Alabama Law Enforcement Technology Training Center, Montgomery, Alabama Received: UCR Local Template for Reporting and Analysis Certificate Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center - 2009 Alabama Law Enforcement Technology Training Center MDT for NCIC - Alacops Training Certificate Robertdale, Alabama
RESPONSE TO CRIMES OF SEXUAL ASSAULT - 2009 State Of Alabama Certificate, Camden, Alabama Digital Evidence Collection and Safety Planning - 2010 Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama

Retired Sheriff of 32 Years, Sheriff Prince Arnold

  Sheriff Prince Arnold, the son of the late Leguster Arnold and Annie May Arnold, and one of twelve children, was born in Bashi in Clarke County. His father worked at the stave mill there. When Prince was two years old, his family relocated to another stave mill in Pine Apple, Alabama, in Wilcox County.

  Arnold's father died when he was twelve years old; therefore, it was he who had to help his mother provide for the other three children. "For a few years, I worked at odd jobs such as plowing, yard work, or just anything to earn money," said Arnold. When he was in the 10th grade in high school, he got a job a Dan River Mill near Selma. "After school, I would go to work at the mill, work and eight hour shift and return home at 1:30 a.m. This was my schedule until I graduated from high school. In the summer, I still plowed with a mule for serveral families and farmed about fifteen acres for our family".

  He graduated from W.J. Jones High School, Pine Apple, Alabama and Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama, with a major in art. After graduation, prince worked in Chicago for two years and California for one year as an insurance agent.

  With the desire to return to Alabama, Prince enrolled at Alabama State to study special education. His first job in education was in Chilton County. Later, he became a teacher at Wilcox County High School in Camden, Alabama. Then his political career began. "when people began to approach me about running for sheriff, I told them I was too young. But finally I thought if the people are not concerned about my age, I shouldn't be either," said Arnold.

  No relative had ever been a policeman, deputy, of a sheriff. He credits his parents for the role he plays today. "They taught me from a child to do what's right," he says and "to treat people the way I'd like to be treated."

   His decision to run for office was born of his concern for the county in which he grew up. "I saw that I could make a difference when it came to law enforcement. I felt that I was an honest person--I feel that law enforcement people must be honest. I felt that I was a hard worker," he remembers. "So if I applied all of that to law enforcement, I felt that I could do a good job".

  In 1978, Prince was elected sheriff of Wilcox County. He was twenty-seven years old. Not only was he the youngest man to be elected sheriff in any Alabama County, he was the first African-American elected to the highest law enforcement position in Wilcox County.

  In 1978 when Sheriff Arnold was elected as sheriff, there was fifteen homicides in Wilcox County, last year there were none, and over the past thirty-two years, there has been only one unsolved homicide. Doing his job better is a great source of pride for Sheriff Prince Arnold. "I'm not satisfied until a job is done," he says. I'm concerned about this county because this is my home." He notes that violent crime has decreased in Wilcox County, and that black-on-black crime is not the problem it once was. He has also declared a war on drugs and reduced the rate of violent crimes, such as murder, robbery, and rape. He believes that those are the results of hard work by his department.

  Sheriff Arnold is a servant of the people. He is active in many county and state organizations. He has served his community well, while representing them on three occasions as Delegate or Alternate Delegate to the National Democratic Convention, Member of the J. Paul Jones Hospital Board, E911 Board, Chairman of the Wilcox County Elected Officials, Chairman of the Deacon board at First Baptist church, Pine apple, Alabama and sergeant-at-arms of the Sheriffs' Association.

  Sheriff Arnolds Enjoys hunting and fishing, but admits he doesn't get the chance to do much of either. He has two sons- D'Juane and Prince--and four grandsons

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